Your employees want great food & drinks with healthy options.

You want reliable machines and quick service.

Professional Vending Service, Inc. is the answer.



incredible service

We offer all types of vending machines and our incredible service guarantees that you won't spend time worrying about the machines that serve them.


healthy options

Employees are increasingly more selective of the food and drinks they purchase.  

We provide healthy options that will impress and fuel your busy teams.


Coffee & water

We are a premiere supplier of a diverse selection of quality coffee and water options that will be convenient for your employees and will fit into your budget.

Service plans are optional and are available even if you don't purchase machines from us.

new & used machines

We sell all types of new and refurbished vending machines and water coolers.

Professional Vending Service, Inc. is a proud member of the south carolina vending association.

We deliver and stock vending machines that offer:


Healthy Snacks

Hot and Cold Beverages



and much more.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner & all hydration options are available.



Professional Vending Service, Inc. is proud to partner with 365 Retail Markets as we design your ideal market.

Their expertise and wide range of options helps us create systems for your company that fit your needs and budget.


New & Used Machines To Fit Your Space & Budget


We are able to provide new and refurbished vending machines and water coolers

with a wide arrangement of options to best utilize your space.


All of our refurbished machines are in excellent working condition.  


We guarantee they will be clean and reliable.


We also carry a variety of used coin and bill-change machines.


Our Equipment Includes:

Bottle and can soda machines

Snack machines

Coffee machines

Water Coolers

Cold and frozen-food machines

Change machines


measure your space, tell us what you want to serve & we'll do the rest.





We've been installing, servicing and repairing vending machines since 1994, and all service contracts are tailored to your needs.

 We also offer warranty service for national firms operating locally.


We've built a great reputation by being reliable & prompt.